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Clinical trials + RWE

Prediction engine

Gen AI for Pharma

Generative AI for Clinical Trial Predictions and RWE.

Specializing in Oncology, Neuroscience, Infectious and Rare Diseases.

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Holistic AI Insights Engine for your Entire Drug Development Lifecycle

  • Plan transition between phases with unique insights for protocol development and trial setup.
  • Incorporate real-world insights in real-time, and monitor competitor trials, drug approvals, and product market shares in your development program.
  • Proactive insights are generated on a chatbot that is bespoke for your program.
  • A tool for pharma executives and decision-makers to take tough calls and move the needle on drug programs.

Get the direction of your drug trial

Use cases of Kolate.AI: With our pre-built AI foundation model predictions of upcoming Serious Adverse Events (SAE’s), AE’s, drug response, trial endpoints, working in concert with our Co-pilot, we address the following use cases:

  1. Identify best-performing patient clusters (i.e. best drug response with fewest side effects) in advance
  2. Provide early view of trial direction (comparing “treatment” vs “control” arms)
  3. Enable effective trial management with real-time clinical and operational insights
  4. Predict real-world clinical outcomes (e.g. drug efficacy, side effects, diagnostic risk scores, etc.) using Real-World data

All insights fed into a Gen AI Co-pilot

Speed up drug development

  • With real-time insights, make operational study updates or stop a non-working trial sooner.
  • Plan additional studies based on the trial insights, is a sub-group working better, are there biomarkers that can increase drug efficacy or should there be any changes made to the inclusion/exclusion criteria?
  • Understand the drug better compared to competitors. Are there aspects of the drug that can be improved including dose, time of administration, and method of administration?
  • Generate additional insights to support your drug submissions. Can you claim higher efficacy and lower side effects, parameters that would increase your reimbursement prospects?
  • Plan for future studies, or in the case of adaptive studies, get insights on what additional tweaks you can make in real-time to improve study outcomes.


Selected by ERA (top accelerator) for winter cohort Jan 24, one of just 16 out of a very large pool of applicants, provides funding and growth platform

About us

The founders are Vinodh Balaraman and Sridhar Byrapppa, both tech-savvy repeat entrepreneurs. Between us, we have 40+ years of pharma industry experience and expertise in business growth and execution. We have experienced the problems with drug development firsthand.

Vinodh Balaraman, Co-Founder and CEO

Vinodh is a world-class healthcare exec with a proven track record of building tech-based businesses and is a repeat entrepreneur. He has worked on large life sciences consulting assignments and led multifold growth in many situations, including as a Senior Partner at ZS and SVP at Atos. He is an IIT Chennai graduate and has an MBA from Chicago Booth

Sridhar Byrappa, Co-Founder and CSO

Sridhar has operational experience at large pharma companies (Merck, Wyeth, Schering Plough, BMS and Stryker). He has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and has firsthand experience with the travails of drug development and executing large global clinical trials. It is our collective effort to bring cutting-edge technologies to drug development - speed up drug trials, reduce development failure rates, and get a greater number of drugs to the market.

Speed up your drug trials with real-time trial insights

Reduce time and cost of drug development

Develop greater number of drugs

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KolateAI PharmaTech Inc

Belle Mead, NJ

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