Generative AI for Clinical Trials

Preemptive prediction of trial events
Automate data cleaning and trial monitoring
Chat based analytics and dashboards

Get started with trial automation

Kolate AI Trial Automations


Protocol design and development

Optimize trial parameters including endpoints, inclusion/exclusion criteria and trial assessments.


Automated data cleaning

Identify inconsistent data and issue automated queries in real time. It will also recognize complex data issues, such as AE-Medication mismatches


Automated trial monitoring

Preemptively identify trial events including SAEs, protocol deviations etc. CRAs can discuss these issues with medical monitors or issues manual queries


Chatbot based trial analytics/dashboards

Medical monitors can now accomplish several trial functions using chat, including getting real time analytics and dashboards, simulating various trial scenarios and setting up push notifications for upcoming trial events (SAEs, Medications etc)


Monitor trial outcomes

With help of a data monitoring committee, determine the status of the drug trial. If it is in the best interest of patients and the sponsor, they can either stop the trial or make some changes with a protocol amendment.


On demand adaptive trial training

Considering the learner’s previous experience, the AI model serves customized trial training. Trial personnel can also ask trial related questions in a chat interface.


Publish findings

Summarize and publish the study findings. It can propose logical organization of text, tables and figures for presentations, publications and regulatory submissions.


Use real-world and other trial adjacent data

Plan future studies with trial results, real world data and data from previous trial phases. These can be for new INDs or to support marketed drugs.


Trial8 suite of service offerings for Biotech and Med-device firms

To complement our AI product, we offer trial services - including Protocol/CRF design, project Management, Trial Monitoring, Data management and Statistical analyses. More details here

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